Maria's Horse Trekking

Maria's Equestrian Summer School for children (6+) and adults


Maria's new Equestrian Summer School is a thrilling and unforgettable experience for anyone who loves horses and nature, peace and tranquility.

Located on the edge of Paphos Forest in a beautiful valley with lots of trails and walks, the school is offered from 22nd June to 8th September 2024.

Our school focuses on all things related to horses; including English riding lessons, stable management, care and grooming of horses, the technique of preparing your horse for schooling in the paddock to trekking out in the beautiful countryside.


Our school is for children (6 years+) and adults, and we cater for novice (beginners), intermediate or advanced riders.

Subjects covered in our course:

  • Horse behaviour and senses
  • Basic management (types of feed, hay and watering)
  • Stable management
  • How to halter and lead
  • Horse anatomy
  • How to groom
  • Parts of tack and riding equipment
  • How to tack your horse
  • Hoof care and how a farrier shoes a horse

SUMMER SCHOOL FEES (Children and Adults) Triangle UP

Lesson and trek 1.5 hours € 50


Each session consists of a lesson
in stable and horse care followed by a trek.


  • Physical fitness
    Riding is a great form of exercise. From handling heavy equipment to working core and other muscles. Riding improves overall physical fitness, including co-ordination, balance and joint mobility.
  • Therapeutic relief
    Horse back riding has long been recognized as one of the most therapeutic activities you can engage in. Horses have a gentle nature and strong intuition, making them great human companions.
  • Learning
    Horse riding is not easy. As you develop skills needed to effectively ride and care for our horses. You will develop characteristics such as self confidence, responsibility and leadership as well improve your physical fitness level and agility.


If you love being around horses, are at least 14 years old and you are a good, capable, confident and competent rider, then feel welcome to join us.

We are always looking for extra help in cleaning stables, making feeds, maintaining the horses' health and well-being, helping with the hay in the stables, grooming the horses, riding on treks with the team and our riders.

You will need to have your own transportation to the stables via parents or family members.

Just call Debbie Maria on if you would like to discuss an opportunity of working with us.