Maria's Horse Trekking

Our stables near Lysos


Let us introduce you to our six of our beautiful horses. Here's what they have to say about themselves:

Photo of a horse called Mojito


Hi, I'm Mojito, the newest addition to our lovely family. I'm a year old female pony native to Cyprus, 13 hands tall and chestnut in colour.

I'm younger and more petite than my brothers and sisters, and I am in training still as I am rather young. I am friendly with a lovely temperament and I really love to go trekking in a group ridden by Debbie-Maria as I am learning.

I love carrots and apples and I have just discovered polo mints and they are delicious!

Photo of a horse called Lolita


Hi, I'm Lolita, one of three mares in our herd. Aged years old, I am highly intelligent and very obedient.

Like any self-expressive female, I do have stubborn mood swings, but most of the time I'm brave. I lead the group and lead the boys who are not so brave. I am the boss of the family, so all the boys do what I say. My two brothers, Hildago and Indiago, provide me with extra confidence.

With a black mane, tail and a deep dark brown body coat, I'm a very pretty bay (even if I may say so myself). My height is 14.2 hands, so I'm the smallest in our family.

Polo mints, carrots and apples are my favourite treats when I am a good girl.

Photo of a horse called Hildago


Hi, I'm Hildago, brother of my younger sister, Lolita. Aged years old, I'm the solid, stable and sensible male of the family.

I am highly suitable for our very young riders as young as three years old because I am patient, super tolerant and a complete 100% gentleman!


Each person is required to sign a disclaimer that they ride at their own risk. Riders are always accompanied by Maria or our staff at all times.

Photo of a horse called Indiago


Hi, I'm Indiago. Aged years old, I'm the younger brother of my little sister Lolita.

Like my older brother, I was a polo pony in my previous career, and I too, worked very hard as an athletic horse. Then, Maria took me on with my brother and sister and we are truly happier in our new career trekking.

We get out into the mountains and forests which we love. I can be excitable and I do need an experienced rider to keep me calm as I get very happy on the rides. Family favourite treats are the usual carrots, polo mints and apples. Yummy!

Photo of a horse called Albie


Hi, I'm Albie (short for Albatross). At years old, I'm the longest family member as I have been with Maria for 15 years. She bought me when I was only 7 years old. I was a handful and very excitable back in those days.

Over the years she has trained, nurtured and cared for me during difficult times in my life. Maria rescued me from a tough eventing career in Germany. I love working with her because she is so kind and loving to our family.

I really enjoy trekking, though due to my handsome good looks, my huge popularity can go to my head, making me a teensy bit lazy. But I'm reliable, I'm the tallest (16 hands) and chestnut in colour. Oh and I love love love food food food!

Photo of a horse called Barney


Hi, I'm Barney, step-brother if you like to Albie. A 'mini-Albie', as I'm a younger version as I am only years old. We look identical as we are both chestnut. However, he likes to claim that he is the handsome one of the family, but I truly believe that I am.

My background is an ex-racehorse Wetherby's with a good blood line and handsome features. I can work hard when I want to, however, I'm not a leader, I am a follower of fashion.

Food is my hobby. Carrots, apples and delightful polo mints please!

In memory of dearest friend Sarah Wheatley, who brought me in touch with Debbie-Maria. A dear wonderful friend, always remembered.